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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN): Career Outlook

Meet the nationwide demand for highly skilled nurses and improve your care.

Join Utica University’s online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) and meet the demand for skilled and educated nurses across the nation. This CCNE-accredited, 100-percent-online program is informed by the field’s most up-to-date knowledge and Utica’s 25-plus years of preparing nurses for success.

On average, BSN-prepared nurses earn $16,000 more than ADN-prepared nurses4 and qualify for up to 88 percent of posted job positions.4 Some of nursing’s highest-paid positions, including nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, and clinical nurse specialist, now require a BSN, as do higher-paying specialties like orthopedic, perioperative, oncology, and neonatal nursing.

Plus, this program goes above and beyond to build your skills in management, communication, decision-making, critical thinking, and more, so you can assume a lead role as you provide superior care.

Higher Education, Better Outcomes

The BSN is now recommended as the minimum for practice by both the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice.

There’s urgency around this degree for a big reason: More highly educated nurses produce better patient outcomes. One study found that when hospitals increase their hiring of BSN-prepared nurses by 10 percent, they see a 7 percent decrease in patient mortality.2

With your BSN, you’ll be a part of this movement toward higher education and future-proof your career if or when a BSN becomes mandatory for practice. Additionally, in 2017, New York passed the BSN in 10 law, which requires all nurses to earn their BSN within 10 years of initial licensure.



In this high-level, managerial position in nursing, you would direct, organize, and supervise your nursing staff. Clinical nurse managers (also referred to as “head nurses”) are considered middle management and report to either the chief nursing officer or the director of nursing services. This position has a job satisfaction score of 5/5 on Payscale.5



Nursing educators pair their clinical expertise with a passion for teaching. You would help hospital managers and administrators develop continuing education and nurse development programs. To work in this position, RNs typically need to complete a nursing educator program alongside their BSN. This position has a job satisfaction score of 5/5 on Payscale.6

Additional careers for BSN-prepared nurses:

  • Registered Nurse Supervisor ($71,702/year)7
  • Nursing Director ($89,292/year)7
  • Adult Nurse Practitioner ($98,603/year)7
  • Clinical Documentation Specialist ($74,241/year)7

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